All around Top Tor with the boys

Time for a quick walk with the boys. We’d spent the morning trying on clothes for the boys to ensure that everything fitted after lockdown. After an hour we had one big bag of clothes for the charity shop, items passed from elder to younger sibling and a short list of clothes needed for the elder. I wasn’t sure where to go so plumped for a high tor count and an easy walk with hardly any up and down. In fact if you have a hour to spare then this walk packs plenty in with some fine views, giving you time for a cream tea or pint down in Widecombe.

Start – Top Tor parking
Route – Lower Top TorBovey RockHollow Tor (Blackslade)Tunhill RocksPil TorTop Tor
Distance – 1.5 miles    Start time – 1pm    Time taken – 2hrs    Highest Point – Top Tor 423metres
Weather – Sunny, some clouds but warm

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Widecombe in the Moor below, with the church standing out as we start the walk, there are plenty of valley views on this walk

The boys on Lower Top Tor, Hameldown is behind them to the right

The Webburn Valley is below with Ryders Hill in the distance

There is plenty of bracken about on this walk at this time, however there are paths between all the tops except Hollow Tor to Tunhill Rocks, where we followed a sheep track. That’s Chinkwell Tor in the distance, with Bonehill Rocks to the right, this is from Bovey Rock

Bovey Rock with Widecombe beyond

Now on Hollow Tor which has a lovely view across the Webburn valley

The 3 of us on Hollow Tor

The boy taking a photo of the valley, he also took photos of horse poo and my backside

The mighty Hameldown up to the left with Chinkwell Tor to the right

The village of Widecombe in the Moor, well worth a visit if you are in the area

This little fella was happy with us walking past quite close, his mum gave him a bleat to make him come to her just as we walked away

Tunhill Rocks

Looking up to our next target which is Pil Tor

The boys decided to climb the stack at Tunhill Rocks

They made it up safe, I went around and up the easy front side!! We then had a fine view from the top

They had the bug and decided to climb Pil Tor when we got there. They both have been to climbing clubs previously so it was nice to see them back doing something of the type.

Pil Tor gully and the tors/hills to the south

On the top of Pil Tor

Top Tor is in the distance and the boys are off already

A bit of zoom to Princetown mast

And across to the social distancing on Haytor

The road which runs past Haytor is in the foreground with Teignmouth bay in the distance

Zoomed out from Top Tor is Haytor on the left and Saddle Tor catching some cloud on the right

The last photo as we head down to the car below. Chinkwell Tor forms the backdrop, with Hameldown to the left and Easdon Tor back right


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