Neadon Cleave Summit Tor

A name given by the guys over at Tors of Dartmoor and a decent one to describe what is probably the top of this lump of ground. Its not much of a tor, but the main rock is a decent size, it just isn’t as good as the north and south versions with Neadon Cleave. That said it is probably the easiest to find of the three being right by the split in the path (and signpost), which shows the way back to Foxworthy, from Water (Horsham) or to Manaton. No views from here as it is well within the woodland, but at least it is well served by paths.

Height – 250 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX755818           Mark out of 10 – 3

From the top path through Neadon Cleave this is the main rock of the summit tor

Its certainly clad in greenery during the summer, but there are a few other rocks behind it

The bracken does grow here during the summer, Neadon Cleave Summit Tor