Northcombe Copse Tor

Now this one is a bit out on a limb, however study an OS map and you can see why there is a tor here. the main path through Shaptor Woods on the OS map takes a 90 degree northeast wards turn towards Shaptor Rock, just before this turn you need to turn exactly the opposite way (southwest wards) to get to Northcombe Copse Tor. There is very little in the way of paths, in fact in the winter it will be easier as you can pick a way through what is left of the foliage. Keep a bearing on the tor co-ordinates and you will see a small rocky outcrop, however don’t be fooled, there is more down to the right. Rocks tumble down the hill to form this outcrop, and considering it isn’t more than 5 mins from the path its worth the effort. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 195 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX805806             Marks out of 10 – 5

As you approach Northcombe Copse Tor this will be the first rock you see, head to the right of this one and downhill to see more

A mossy scramble of boulders

A lot more than what at first sight seemed to be just a small outcrop