Rough Tor (Burrator)

This tor sits within Roughtor plantation near to Burrator Reservoir. With its location being within woodland there is nothing in the way of a view however the tor is easy to find as there is a clearing to the south of this outcrop which gives easy access to the rocks. If you start to descend steeply downhill towards the reservoir then you will find more outcrops which are also part of this tor in my books. I got into the plantation from one of two ways, either via the stile on the south east corner of the plantation (follow the wall to the clearing and head in), or just next to the clearing there are stone steps up the side of the wall, making for an easy way in. The entries to the plantation are marked below with black arrows. There are no military areas near this tor.

Height – 302metres        OS Grid Reference – SX574685            Mark out of 10 – 4

Rough Tor (Burrator)

There are at least 3 outcrops scattered around this summit


More of Rough Tor (Burrator)


And more as you head further downhill towards the arboretum


The outcrops all follow an obvious line down the hillside so can come under the same tor for me