Strane Tor

This is a pretty small outcrop by the River Strane (not much of a river really but it has that name on the map) which is a short distance off the path as it leaves Whiteworks heading towards Swincombe Farm. The outcrop isn’t big but its not far from the path so can be seen easily, the main rock has a tufty grassy hat on top to help you identify it. There are some bigger rocks across the river on the southern bank, to the south west of this tor which could be part of the tor or mistaken for it. The views from here are ok back to Whiteworks and over Fox Tor Mires but to be honest there’s nothing here to hold a walker.

Height – 367 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX615716            Mark out of 10 – 4

Strane Tor is down there on the right centre ish of photo, Whiteworks in the trees

These are the larger rocks to the south of the river and south west from Strane Tor