Soussons Down, Golden Dagger Mine and the boys

A bit of a gap since the last walk with the boys due to my eldest getting a bout of Covid (or Rona as he calls it). He had very little in the way of symptoms and spent the 10 days off school mainly playing games and lording it up over his friends. The 11th day I had him out on Dartmoor. I thought I’d sweeten him a little by going to Widecombe and enjoying a lunch at the Cafe on the Green first, which was an inspired decision as we all enjoyed our toasted sandwiches and hot drinks, before heading out on to the cold moor. The walk was an easy one around Soussons Down, picking up paths that took us where we wanted to go before heading back through the forest to the car.

Start – Warren House Inn

Route – Vitifer Mine – Golden Dagger Mine – Soussons Farm – Ephraims Pinch – Soussons Cairn Circle – Sousson Down – Warren House Inn

Distance – 5.5 miles    Start time – 1pm   Time taken – 2hrs 30mins  Highest Point – Warren House Inn 430 metres

Weather – Sunshine and cloud, cold

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
Widecombe church to start with, the cafe is just to my right, the fires were on in there and food and drink was good.
From the car park there are views up to Chinkwell Tor (behind the tree) then Bell Tor and finally Bonehill Rocks in the dip
He’s had his hot chocolate and is ready for the food
After Widecombe we drove out to Warren House Inn passing the Dartmoor 365 spot of Southcombe Cross
Next D365 spot was Langworthy Farm
The gate post in the centre has a drawing in the book
A placid highland cow crosses the road, I reckon his fringe needs a trim
Up at Warren House how, a bit of cloud as we look towards Bellever
We are off though down to Vitifer Mine
Looking back up to Birch Tor
Heading towards Golden Dagger mine
The engine house of the mine having passed a few buildings
The path looped a little and doubled back crossing a stream as we head towards Soussons Farm
Ephraims Pinch
Soussons Cairn Circle looking out towards Bellever Forest
Heading into Soussons Forest, there are plenty of paths in here weaving there way through the trees
Views back towards Corndon Tor to the right and a bit of Hameldown in the sun on the left
Us as we leave the forest
Centre of Dartmoor
Sun rays on Bellever Tor
Plenty of ice in the puddles today
Parts of the mines of Vitifer. Birch Tor up to the left
Warren House Inn and the browns of dead bracken
Into the sun
Looking across to Hameldown from the end of the walk
And the other way, with Soussons Forest in the centre. It was pretty cold by this point as the sun was pretty much disappearing. Still a good walk with the boys and another day were I have been lucky with the weather, were the weekend has been decent and it has rained in the week when I’m at work. Long may that continue

4 thoughts on “Soussons Down, Golden Dagger Mine and the boys

  1. Relieved your eldest has been through COVID with no issues.
    The Cafe on the Green was our regular pre-walk lunch stop for a few years on our way to weekends in Cornwall via a Dartmoor walk. Bloody COVID has put pay to those for a couple of years

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