The Cliff

This is a large rockface overlooking Belstone Cleave on it northern side. In summer plenty of gorse, trees and foliage attempts to cover the outcrop, however in winter these rocks are more easily seen. The main parts of the outcrop sit right by the higher path out of Belstone along the Cleave. When you see a largish rock next to the path you know you are there, a view towards Belstone Tor will also open up, keep going 20 metres or more and the outcrop which is buried on a steep slope appears on the left above the path. Keep going and dark rocks will be seen right by the path under some trees. Another nice outcrop with some lovely views at times along the Cleave and in the Belstone Tor direction.

Height – 265 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX626936          Mark out of 10 – 6

This is the first part of this tor that you will hit coming from Belstone, a smallish rocky outcrop by a mossy tree

In summer it is well covered

Further along the path you see the cliff like outcrops which give the name. Again in summer these can be covered a fair bit

Still by the path and dark rocks are present

If you get a view along the Cleave and up to Belstone Tor