Underhill Tor

This tor lies a few hundreds metres south from Lutton Tor on the southern side of Brent Hill, as the name suggests this one is under the hill. To get to this one walk the lane to the west of Brent Hill and follow one of the tracks up on to the hill, preferably the Lutton Farm one. On reaching the moorland, head slightly right and you will see a broken gate, head through that and after 50 metres or so turn left and up into the woods. Underhill Tor should be in front of you straddling a wall. Climb up through the tree branches to the summit of the hill to gain a fine view of South Brent and across to Ugborough Beacon. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 240 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX700612           Mark out of 10 – 6

Underhill Tor from below, climb up through to reach the summit

The wall on the right, keep climbing

The summit and the view north east

Ugborough Beacon is back right and South Brent on the left