Water Cleave Tor

This tor is a tricky one to find and depending on which way you come it can be pretty arduous. This one obviously sits in Water Cleave on the western side of Lustleigh Cleave. I reckon the easiest, way in and out is from the south, from Water, as the path heads into the woodland past the barn (marked on the OS maps) then head in left on a narrow feint path. This will hug the fenceline above you, Then drop down to the grid point, in total it is 400/500 metres ish of off path walking. The other option is to come uphill, off path, in a south easterly direction from Horsham Steps. Once here this is a pretty big outcrop which is wide spread, there are parts spread out as far as 100 metres but the main bulk is at the grid reference. There is a slight view (due to a fallen tree) across to Raven’s Tor on the other side of the valley, this is found below the main outcrop, towards Horsham Steps.

Height – 205 metres             OS Grid Reference – SX761814            Mark out of 10 – 5

The view across to Raven’s Tor, until the trees grow up again.

Water Cleave Tor outcrops

Its a hairy green beast

There are lots of outcrops here and plenty to explore

Its another pretty huge tor within a woodland and reminds you of the large outcrops within Shaptor woods