Yonder Tor

Yonder Tor is a small tor near to Fox Tor (about 500 metres to the west) and above the Foxtor Mire on its southern side. This tor is probably more well known as Little Fox Tor however I’ll use Yonder Tor to distinguish between the two better. The views across the mire to Whiteworks and north to the high moors are fantastic and on a sunny day this is a fine spot to sit and have lunch. The best way here is probably parking near to Whiteworks, walking around to Nun’s Cross and then follow the Abbot’s Way for a bit and contour over, the last part of this is probably going to be over rough ground. There is also a wall between this tor and Foxtor Mire, there is a path that follows that wall also, which means its only a short climb to the tor. There are no military firing areas near here.

Height – 426 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX621698           Mark out of 10 – 6.5



Yonder Tor with Whiteworks across the mire


A view to the north moors from Yonder Tor


Fox Tor from Yonder Tor


And the other way, Yonder Tor in the middle distance, Nun’s Cross Farm behind that with a hazy Leather Tor in the far distance