Sandy Ford (West Okement)

This is a crossing point of the West Okement river between Lints Tor and Kitty Tor. It is literally a slightly shallower part of the river where you can dart across hopefully without getting too wet. In winter the river is likely to be at least 6 inches deep here, with parts of 12 inches, so be fleet of foot. The setting for this crossing is lovely, being in the valley surrounded by the highest parts of Dartmoor and in the summer it would be a great place to take the shoes off and dip the toes.

Looking down to Sandy Ford from Lints Tor. A line of scouts walking up the hill on the left have just crossed

The ripples (stones) are the best place to cross

Sandy Ford with Lints Tor to the left

Looking down to Sandy Ford with Fordsland Ledge rising behind