Steps Bridge

This is a fairly new road bridge by Dartmoor standards, being rebuilt in the 19th century, especially considering the others in the area upstream at Clifford Bridge and Fingle Bridge. This is another grade 2 listed structure however an older structure was here in 16th century. It is a very popular spot with decent car parks nearby on the B3212 and very good riverside walks on both sides of the river towards Clifford Bridge. The River Teign runs under the bridge and a weir can be seen on the western side of the bridge which helps funnel water off into the leat which carried water to the old mill which sat beside the river and the old B3212 road (the water wheel can still be seen by the road to the northwest of this bridge).

Steps Bridge and the River Teign
The B3212 over Steps Bridge
Steps Bridge and the leat which heads off left here, over to my right is a weir which allows the rest of the water to carry on under the bridge