Childe’s Tomb

Childe’s Tomb is a cross which lies on top of a raise block platform on the south eastern side of Foxtor Mires, below Fox Tor itself. As always on Dartmoor a legend is attached to this place, here Childe the Hunter, part of a moorland hunting party got caught out in a wild storm, despite killing his horse and using the carcass to keep warm he died from the harsh cold. Before doing so he carved a message on nearby stones saying whomever buried him within their church grounds would inherit his estate in Plymstock. The monks from Tavistock found him and keen to beat a similar party from Plymstock raced him back to be buried in the abbey.

A more sensible reason for the cross is that it lies on the monk’s path between Tavistock and Buckfast, showing the way around Foxtor Mires. The original cross, which was in place as far back as 1630, was broken up when a farm was built nearby on Fox Tor. Some of the stones were returned to build what remains and a new cross added in the 1890s.


Throiugh the gate to Childe's Tomb. Foxtor Mire beyond

Through the gate to Childe’s Tomb. Foxtor Mire beyond

Childe's Tomb 2

Childe’s Tomb and the northern moors behind

Childe's Tomb 3

Fox Tor behind Childe’s Tomb