Haytor Quarry

This quarry sits a few hundred metres downhill and north east from Haytor itself and can easily be found and linked in with a walk around this area. The Haytor tramway (Templer Way), now a path comes into the quarry from the north eastern side and would have been used to transport the granite out of the quarry. The quarry was worked in the late 18th century through to around 1860 and moved along the horse drawn Templer Way to Stover Canal and on to Teignmouth. This tramway took the stone from 4 other quarries in the area as well, including Holwell Quarry, to building projects such as London Bridge, British Museum, National Gallery and Covent Garden market. The quarry now is slowly being taken back by wildlife and the moor. Trees and shrubs are growing and the pond at the bottom now provides a lovely area which is away from the busy Haytor up the hill.

The Haytor quarry, now a tree filled oasis
The pool at the bottom, the quarried stone was taken to London from Teignmouth Docks
The exit to the Quarry, Black Hill in the distance