Ice Factory

Now I know what your thinking, how is an ice factory a historic place on Dartmoor. Well back in the 1870s and 80s, a bright fellow by the name of James Henderson believed that he could make ice on the northern slopes of Sourton Tor. Facing north and with banks behind, large trenches were dug to catch water and create ice, in the cold winter months. The rich already had their ice boxes and farmers had the cold storage caves, so Mr Henderson brought ice to the masses. He agreed a lease for the land from the Duchy and dug the necessary trenches, brought the man power and machinery to site. He was partly successful, some years the temperatures were cold and he made ice and got money for it. Other years were too warm and nothing was made. The enterprise closed down in 1886 after 11 years of trading. The lumps and bumps are still there to see

The ice factory with ice in it!!

You can see the banking here, first to stop the water running off down the hill

And on this photo you can see the trenches in between. Yes Tor and High Willhays in the background