Mardon Down Stone Circle

Mardon Down Stone Circle is the largest stone circle on Dartmoor at around 35 metres in diameter. It is situated in a fine spot, at the top of Mardon Down, with far reaching views across to Cosdon Hill and running down the eastern side of Dartmoor to Haytor. The stone circle sits on the main path running across the top of the down and this path links it to a smaller stone or cairn circle to the north of the main circle. The stones on the main cairn circle are difficult to see, mainly due to the size of the site, this place doesn’t look anything like Scorhill or Grey Wethers. Most of the stones are flat or fallen, although those on the western side stick up a bit more and the most obvious stone leans at an angle. The stones in the cairn circle to the north are more complete and stood upright and form a good circle, reminiscent of Nine Maidens near Belstone.

The arrow to the south marks the main stone circle. The arrow to the north is obviously the cairn circle

The largest stone in the circle, the circle can be seen looping around behind

Looking the other way you can see the shape of the circle

The smaller circle to the north and a fab view over northern Devon