Scorhill Stone Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle lies on the eastern side of Dartmoor near to the village of Gidleigh. It was originally called Gidleigh Stone Circle and removal of some stones has reduced the remaining number to 23. It is still however one of the best stone circles on Dartmoor and certainly one of the easiest to get to. It has good views across Gidleigh Common to the higher northern tors of Dartmoor. It is said that the sun sets on Midsummer Eve over the point of one of the standing stones showing some purpose in the ancient astrology used by the people some 5000 years ago.


Scorhill Stone Circle 1

A rain storm approaches behind Scorhill Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle 5

A busy Scorhill with Fernworthy Forest in the distance, Manga Hill to the right

Scorhill Stone Circle 2

Rain heading my way with Scorhill in the foreground

Scorhill Stone Circle 3

Kennon Hill left and Buttern Hill from Scorhill Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle 4

Thck cloud rolling in blocking the view south to Fernworthy Forest