Piles Copse

Piles Copse is one of 3 high altitude oak woodlands on Dartmoor. Each is nicely spread out from the others, this one, Piles Copse is on the southern edge of Dartmoor by the River Erme. Wistmans Wood is in the centre by the West Dart, near Two Bridges and Black a tor copse is in the north by the West Okement River under Black Tor. This a site of scientific special interest (SSSI) and is also privately owned, although they are happy for you to enter and the nearby signs give some good advice on walking through and camping in these areas. These oak trees are stunted and slow growing due to the altitude and give a glimpse back to when large parts of Britain were covered in this way. Mosses and lichens grow on the granite in these woods making a green carpet below. These are amazing places and well worth the visit.

Piles Copse 1

Piles Copse ahead with Stallbarrow Down up on the left

Piles Copse 2

Piles Copse

Inside the copse

Carpet of green

Piles Copse and the River Erme below

Piles Copse 4

The River Erme snakes its way north, from Piles Copse