Shilley Pool

Shilley Pool is a lovely spot on the eastern side of Dartmoor near to Cosdon Beacon. The stream from Raybarrow Pool drops down the hill to become Blackaton Brook, this enters a narrow valley and cascades over some lovely smooth rocks as it reaches Shilley Pool. These flat rocks mean that crossing the stream can be done if the water level is down. Just below these rocks sits Shilley Pool, a dammed area that allows for some wild swimming should it take you, before it carries on towards Gidleigh and the River Teign. There is a car park on the narrow road from South Zeal to Throwleigh which is the spot to start up to this place.


Shilley Pool down below


Water cascades down over the smooth rocks into the pool


Blackaton Brook as it enters Shilley pool, you can cross above the pool when the water is down