East Dart Waterfall from Postbridge

Back from the Lakes and I was keen to get out for another walk, the only issue was the blistering sun. So I decided again to follow previous plans of staying close to water in order to cool off, alongside lots of stops for breaks and shade. The place was Postbridge, which meant a nice walk along the East Dart river to the waterfall and back, not too far plus a bonus of a pub at the end. The walk itself was really good, stopping regularly for a break and a sit just to enjoy the scenery, on reaching the waterfall, which wasn’t much more than a trickle, the shoes and socks came off for a long sit with feet in the river. Back in Devon and a great walk to make the most of the weather without risking sun stroke or something. The gorse was flowering all around the walk, with that lovely scent an ever present and the pint in the pub at the end barely touched the sides!

Start – Postbridge parking

Route – Hartland Tor – William Donaghy memorial – Beehive Hut – East Dart Waterfall – Broadun Rocks – Postbridge Clapper Bridge – Postbridge

Distance – 5 1/2miles    Start time – 10.30am   Time taken – 5hrs  Highest Point – Broadun Rocks 455m

Weather – Very hot and sunny

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Out across the first field heading for Hartland Tor. I’m looking back at Bellever Forest and Postbridge here
The gorse is out on the climb to Hartland Tor. Broadown Tor in the distance
More lovely smelling gorse and a view to Higher White Tor now. The return route crosses that valley later
Dropping down from Hartland Tor I managed to find my penultimate Dartmoor 365 square, the William Donaghy memorial. As it says he was found here in February 1914, having disappeared from Liverpool in November 1913. All he had was a train ticket to Exeter and a train station locker stub. A gun was found in the locker. A sorry story of a teacher who worked in Warrington. The Gorse has grown up around this memorial again having been swaled back a few years ago
The area holding the memorial
It was getting hot walking along here, the light breeze was still there but not really helping, this was teh second drinks stop point where the East Dart turns sharply south
Paddle time at East Dart Waterfall
Looking downstream from the waterfall. I’m heading back over that hill in the distance
Looking north from the top of the waterfall to Sandy Hole (the rocks in the centre) with Cut Hill looking huge at the back
Heading past Broadun Rocks now and the views to the south come back. Bellever Forest backed by Corndon Tor and Yar Tor
Broadun Rocks looking across to Higher White Tor to the right, far left is Bellever Tor
Along the wall which leads to Broadown Tor and Higher White Tor to the left
Looking down to Postbridge, with Rippon Tor back left
Crossing the valley and looking back across to Hartland Tor, done at the start of this walk. The strong smell of gorse all through this section
Had another long sit here enjoying the view back to the area walked, Broadun Rocks on the left of the East Dart valley with Hartland Tor to the right
Back at Postbridge now and the popular clapper bridge, the pub just to the left here was much needed!

6 thoughts on “East Dart Waterfall from Postbridge

  1. Walked that so many times in all weathers – and I well recall going up to Cranmere by way of the waterfall and the Dart in the most tremendous thunderstorm – could feel the electricity in the air. Grand pictures.

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  2. I’m a bit behind with my reading (and my own posts) so all this talk of heatwaves now seems a very long time ago as the house starts to feel cold. Great walk though, always love a waterfall

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