Wheal Friendship leat

This leat runs from Tavy Cleave all the way down, past Nat Tor, around Lane End, down to Hill Bridge before following the River Tavy and finishing in the Wheal Bennett’s Reservoir, where it feeds the Hydro power station further downstream. Its starting point could not be in a more spectacular spot in Tavy Cleave, whereas its finish is in the woods west of Horndon. The Copper mine at Wheal Friendship, fed by this leat was the most productive copper mine in the world during the 1800s and employed over 1000 men.

Wheal Friendship leat to the south of Horndon

The leat as it passes through Creason Wood

Below Nat Tor looking west as the leat leaves Tavy Cleave

Ger Tor above Wheal Friendship leat and the entrance to Tavy Cleave

Tavy Cleave Tor above the start of the leat