Having been on a few websites regarding the Lake District, a website with a guide to parking is a godsend. I understand that in today’s times public transport should be encouraged however there are times, depending on where you live, that will necessitate a car. This in turn brings the panic over the best spot to park or is there a charge. The idea of this page is to highlight parking spots, firstly using the map below which allows you to zoom in and see the parking spots. Or further down splitting Dartmoor into 4 sections, and then a link at the bottom of this page to each of the 4 sections alongside extra pages to parking spots within that area. At the bottom of the page there’s also a link to other parking areas outside of Dartmoor, so basically the rest of Devon and all of Cornwall.


  1. Northwest Dartmoor parking
  2. Northeast Dartmoor parking
  3. Southwest Dartmoor parking
  4. Southeast Dartmoor parking
  5. Other parking