Bennet’s Cross and Grimspound parking

This area includes the parts to the east of the Warren House Inn pub and along to Grimspound. There are a number of good spots including a couple of largish car parks by the side of the B3212 as well as one along the road towards Grimspound. There also a number of laybys that can be used, all in all about 20-30 cars can be parked along here and rarely will they all fill up. From here there are plenty of routes to fill a days walking, whether it be up towards Fernworthy Reservoir, over Water Hill. Or up to Birch Tor and on past Grimspound to Hameldown.



That car park down there is the one beside Bennet’s Cross itself, I’m stood beside one of the laybys along the B3212


One of the laybys

The most northly of the parking spots on the map above, a decent spot for a dozen cars at least

The parking spots near to Shapley Common, there is a layby behind the boys and down to my left is a larger car park for 4 or so cars