Seaton to Looe

A weekend where the weather wasn’t playing ball for me, the strong winds and rain coming into the south west seemed to correspond with the time that I could walk. So I had a search and managed to find a weather window between 10am and 2pm in a place I hadn’t walked on the coastal path. The weather was grey and pretty windy, it started with the odd spot of rain as well but for the majority it was dry. The path itself had the hallmarks of a lot of the coastal path, particularly along the south coast, with the path rising to hills and the odd cliff and falling down to coves and beaches. There is a section along here where a landslide has diverted the path, the result was I ended up walking pretty much an out and back, as the diversion was to my return route. The walk wasn’t long but to be honest my fitness is shocking at the moment, need to do more in the weeks between the weekend walks methinks. Seaton has a couple of decent car parks, which are free until April, a pub, and a good café on the beach which I visited for a coffee on my way out, it gets very busy the year round and is a lovely spot, I’m looking forward to returning to do the loop in the opposite direction.

Start – Seaton car park

Route – South West Coastal Path – Monkey Sanctuary – Windsworth – Millendreath – Plaidy – East Looe – Plaidy – Millendreath – Penhale Farm – Seaton

Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 10am   Time taken – 3hrs 30mins  Highest Point – Penhale Farm trig 155m

Weather – Grey and windy, spits of rain to start

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This is Seaton, not the most picturesque photo of the place, but this is the River Seaton which empties itself into the English Channel just past the café on the right
From the café I look west towards Looe Island, I’d bought a coffee here, I’d been given two small coffees as they had run out of larger cups, so I drank one here before starting up the road to the right.
From said road, looking across Seaton beach in the direction of Downderry, with Rame Head in the distance
After a steep climb up a road and through woods I pop out to the view west towards Looe
Googly eyes on a gatepost
Looe Island sits off the western side of Looe and I’ll be that way soon
After the last photo the coastal path took an unexpected inland turn away from the sea to the road inland and joined it at the trig point, I was planning on returning this way so it looks like I’ll be heading on an out and back walk today
I’ve come from Seaton and heading for Windsworth and beyond, don’t fancy No Mans Land though
Picnic with a view of Looe
Bodigga Cliffs, the coastal path basically handrails the road (my return road) just inside the woods
Millendreath beach and holiday park, not sure the pirate knows what he’s doing as he’s facing the wrong way to see any pieces of eight
I walked through lots of new build houses, old houses being done up, basically houses were no one lives in them as they are second homes and part of the problem of the lack of housing in this area. I popped out on this beach just along from Millendreath and had a bite to eat and a coffee from my flask this time. Again Rame Head is away in the distance
Looking the other way
Hidden beach and the English Channel
The curve of the land around Whitsand Bay as I drop down towards Looe
East Looe and its beach, West Looe is the other side of the pier and estuary
The West Looe (left) and East Looe (right) rivers join below, I quite fancy that white house on the point on the other side of the river, looks a lovely spot
I’d climbed this track to this spot up from near to the bridge down there, which is the coastal path. West Looe is the other side of the bridge
Walking back into Plaidy having looped around East Looe, a familiar coastline stretches ahead of me, down the end of this road it drops to Millendreath again
The woods of Bodigga Cliffs are behind me as I look inland towards No Mans Land (village)
The monkey sanctuary is currently closed as the sign says
I’d followed the road from the trig point passing Penhale farm, from here I could see Seaton down below
Back at Seaton beach and the tide is now out, there were a few surfers in the sea to my right and the café was busier than when I left. As I reached the car the rain started in earnest and I sat with a double decker and a coffee pleased with my timing and the right choice of walk today.


5 thoughts on “Seaton to Looe

  1. Visited Looe a few years ago and really liked it although never walked the coast. I think we visited the monkey sanctuary when I was about 3! Pretty sure my folks have a picture of me holding a monkey

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    • I actually thought the monkey sanctuary had closed permanently in the first lockdown but it looks like it might have been saved. The coastal path used to be on the sea side of the monkey sanctuary but looks to have been re routed along the road due to a landslide. I enjoyed the Looe to Polperro walk I did last year and its a better coastal path than this one

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