Peter Tavy parking

These are a number of spots on the western side of Dartmoor around the village of Peter Tavy. On this map there’s spots in Peter Tavy itself, which helps as when you finish you can pop in the pub, there’s three spots out on the moor to the northwest of the village, with one under Boulters Tor, one under Bagga Tor and the last one at Lane End. The spot to the south east is at the back of Cox Tor. All these spots give you good access to the tors around Ger Tor, Standon Hill, Lynch Tor and White Tor. Be mindful that a number of these parking areas are on the edge of the military firing ranges and when red flags are flying you cannot enter. You will find parking along the lanes of both villages,especially by the churches. Rarely are any of these areas full, unless you come on a Sunday around the churches.

The parking below Bagga Tor

Plenty of area to park on the grassy verges at the back of Cox Tor