Rowtor parking

This is a series of parking spots along the road from Okehampton Gate up to OP22 (Hart Tor). You can park along here at most times, even when live firing is taking place, however the soldiers will tell you to stay to the east of the red and white posts. The walks from here are endless, from Belstone Tor, Steeperton Tor, Hangingstone Hill, Okement Hill, Yes Tor, High Willhays, Cranmere Pool and Meldon Reservoir you could easily reach 30 tors from these spots. To get here simply follow the signs to the Camp from Okehampton. You can easily get 40 or 50 cars here and even in summer you’ll get a space.


Great Kneeset 1

Looking down at one of the car parks from Rowtor


The main car park which is nearest to Rowtor itself


This small spot is where the road splits, left goes to Cullever Steps and right to OP22 and Hart Tor

And this is the parking at OP22 by Hart Tor