Shipley Bridge parking

This is the parking area at Shipley Bridge, you can comfortably get 20 or 30 cars in the car park and along the roadside either side of the bridge. Its a very popular spot, with plenty of families taking advantage of the good tarmac path to Avon Dam. You can also be a little more adventurous and head up to Eastern White Barrow, Redlake or Grippers Hill as well. You’ll sometimes get an ice cream van in summer here, or a coffee van in winter. There are also toilets here, however they have been vandalised by idiots a couple of times so aren’t always open. Recently the National park have added a pay and display part into the car park, which may make off road parking more common place.



Car park at Shipley Bridge


Wider shot and the ice cream van


Shipley Bridge and a few spaces just across on the left