Walkhampton and Sampford Spiney

After a week of heavy rain which threatened to strip off the tarmac from the roads, we had a weekend which promised plenty of sunny patches, lots of cloud and showers. That will do me nicely, take a coat and good footwear and you can walk anywhere in that. All around this walk we watched for the showers, and took cover as they whipped overhead, one had hail which meant we sheltered under trees but generally we had dry conditions with some sunshine. This area is a neglected part of Dartmoor, plenty of lanes, some moorland (Plaster Down) and villages dotted around. This area is congregated around the River Walkham as it drops down towards Doublewaters, there are two bridges which makes a nice round walk. Plus the village of Walkhampton has a pub. We planned on eating here and then walking, however the streams in the village had flooded, badly. As a result the pub flooded also, and the lunch service was off. So we drove a mile or so to Meavy and the Royal Oak. We went here 2 weeks ago and again this was a fine meal. If you are around Dartmoor, always choose this place for a fine pub meal, especially now as they need your support, turn up early (midday) and you are guaranteed a table. Our leaders however want these disease infested places to close, really!! The places that don’t have a known case rate, unlike schools and universities that drove the rise in cases since September. No its easier to close pubs and less controversial. Again this is about government reputation and tax money and not health. Thankfully the walk was great, and a bit further than I thought, credit to the boys for getting around before dark, considering we were short of Gipsy Rock by a mile by 3.30pm we did well to get back to the car by 4.20pm. I forget sometimes that we are on the shorter days!!

Start – Walkhampton

Route – Huckworthy Bridge – Huckworthy Common Cross – Sampford Spiney – Ward Bridge – Gipsy Rock – Walkhampton Church – Walkhampton

Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 2pm    Time taken – 2hrs 20mins Highest Point – Sampford Spiney 235metres

Weather – Mostly cloudy, showers and hail then bits of blue sky and some sun

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF
First our food in the Royal Oak, Meavy. The boys went for the burgers, which are brilliant
Me, I went for ham, egg and chips which was pretty good as well
Back in Walkhampton now and starting the walk, the pub on the right was drying out at this point. Shame as its a fine eatery
Along the road out of Walkhampton towards Huckworthy
Clouds which threaten rain above and Horrabridge across the valley
The boys heading to Huckworthy
Huckworthy Bridge
The former pub just up from the bridge, closed in the 1930s
On Huckworthy Common now looking to Peek Hill
Huckworthy Cross, we take the right hand lane towards Sampford Spiney. This cross is on the monks route between Tavistock and Plympton, if they were stopping in Sampford
Muddy lane looking back as we head to Sampford Spiney
Peek Hill in the distance with Sharpitor on the left looking pointy
We did an out and back to Sampford Spiney in order to bag the Dartmoor 365 square!!
Took me a while to realise the tor is Ingra Tor, with Leedon Tor up to its right
The boys head down to Ward Bridge
The River Walkham under Ward Bridge
Pew Tor peeking up in the distance
My eldest next to a torrent of water joining the path. To be fair this was timid compared to what we had seen. The water around the lanes was plentiful. I hate to know what it was like on Dartmoor proper, especially in the streams and rivers
Climbing uphill and the tors of Dartmoor come into view. Staple Tors is furthest right and Cox Tor left of that, then Pew Tor furthest left
Gipsy Rock
Love this photo as the sun appears and sets in the distance beyond the boys
Walkhampton Church, there is a cross behind me which I didn’t get a good photo of due to the poor light
This cross however was ok, Walkhampton Memorial Cross and the end of our walk. Another brilliant walk which started with a fine pub meal, safer than any supermarket shopping, going to work and certainly schools. But then again lets just close those pubs as its makes sense. No, no it doesn’t. Clowns.

5 thoughts on “Walkhampton and Sampford Spiney

  1. If memory serves me, Walkhampton churchyard has the Victorian Grave of George Grey who died out on Dartmoor of exposure and prompted Alec Lea’s novel To Sunset and Beyond, which was filmed in the 70s.

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  2. Too right about the pubs, heart of local communities, most of which have gone to great lengths to create a safe environment and stay solvent. Sad times. Good to see you and the boys enjoying a fine pre walk lunch, one of the advantages of Dartmoor with lots of pubs and villages. Let’s hope they can all survive.
    Also love that setting sun photo!
    All the best for Xmas 😀

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    • I’m trying to spread myself around a bit if I can to give a few some support, one of my favourite pubs in Dousland has already closed. Merry Christmas to you and the family and hope you can get outdoors a fair bit over the holidays

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  3. You should do your research before posting comments about ‘eccentric owners’. Parlby Arms Cottage WAS an inn and is a listed monument. It ceased operating as an inn around 1930s.

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