Kit Hill

We had booked into the brilliant Cornish Arms in Tavistock for a Sunday roast, and damn fine it was too. Afterwards we decided to go for a walk, nothing too far at all, it was more about the view and a sit and look at it. The weather was decent, if a little hazy on the distance views so we thought that Kit Hill would be a good option, it sits just over the border in Cornwall so isn’t too far from Tavistock. The views are also 360 and far reaching in every direction, giving for me one of the best views of Dartmoor’s mass. Its a lovely hill which you can drive to the top of, park up and have a bimble, or if you want more of an explore then park at the bottom and walk up. Just what the doctor ordered after a cracking roast beef dinner.

© Crown copyright 2018 Ordnance Survey FL 2018 SF

The car park at the top with Dartmoor beyond

Looking into the Bodmin Moor tors around Caradon mast

Plymouth Sound from Kit Hill

The chimney at the summit. There are plenty of boards at the summit explaining the mining heritage up here

The trig point at Kit Hill with Great Mis Tor above it and the mast at North Hessary Tor to the right

Bit of zoom in to the roof of Dartmoor, with Yes Tor and High Willhays sticking up

A bit hazy but you can easily pick out the Brunel bridge over the Tamar, the Devonport dockyard behind that, the Mewstone is back left

Caradon mast on the left and the Cheesewring to the right, it was a nice 45 minutes wandering around with some amazing views

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