Buckland Beacon

Buckland Beacon sits on the south eastern edge of Dartmoor and was one of a number of beacons setup along the southern edge of Dartmoor. Along with Western Beacon and Ugborough Beacon this was used to warn of the arrival of the Spanish Armada out in the English Channel. Buckland Beacon is located in a pretty exposed spot at the end of a chain of tors that runs northerly up to Honeybag Tor. Also at the top of Buckland Beacon lie the Ten Commandments Stones. The views in all directions are excellent especially south to South Hams and as far as the English Channel. The best approach is from the north by parking at Cold East Cross and following the simple grassy path. There are no military firing areas around this tor.

Height – 383 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX734731          Mark out of 10 – 7.5


A misty view to Rippon Tor to the right with Pil Tor to the left

A misty view to Rippon Tor to the right with Pil Tor to the left


The Dart Valley from Buckland Beacon


Teignmouth in the far distance from Buckland Beacon


Looking west

Buckland Beacon 5

Looking to Buckland Beacon from Wittaburrow

Ten Commandments Stones

Ten Commandments Stones


The writing on the stone