Crockern Tor

Crockern Tor is an unassuming tor in looks, however it holds a past that few others can match. Crockern Tor was the site of the old Devonshire Stannary Parliament from the 14th century until the middle 18th century. The four stannary areas of Ashburton, Chagford, Tavistock and Plympton would meet here to discuss stannary law, tinworks, mills and petitions. Sir Walter Raleigh was Lord Warden of the court for many years holding a meeting in 1600 at Crockern Tor which sits in the middle of Dartmoor between each of the 4 stannaries. The views from this tor are pretty good with Princetown and North Hessary Tor standing proud in the near distance. Better views can be found however along the ridge that leads to Longaford Tor and also to the south east to Ryders Hill. On the tor sits the old parliament seat, which is an arrangement of rocks forming a seat. The easiest place to park for Crockern Tor is either in the free car park at Two Bridges or roadside along the B3212 to Postbridge. Crockern Tor is not in a military firing range.

Height – 403metres          OS Grid Reference – SX616757           Mark out of 10 – 9


Looking to Princetown from Crockern Tor

Looking to Princetown from Crockern Tor

The road to Two Bridges below Crockern Tor

To the south and east lies Ryders Hill

This is the parliament seat, Sir Walter Raleigh would have sat here. If you walk from the tor high point towards Princetown you will find this rock arrangement

The ridge ahead from Crockern Tor, with Longaford Tor top right

The ridge ahead from Crockern Tor, with Longaford Tor right and Beardown Tor across the West Dart Valley on the left

Crockern Tor 3

Looking back to Crockern Tor from the path to Littaford Tor