Green Hill

Green Hill is a flat topped hill that sits in the centre of the southern part of the moor. It feels very isolated up in these parts and you will do well to see any other people. From the ground around this hill it is tricky to pick out differences in terrain as the long grassy slopes of all the area blend into each other. The best route to this hill is to first reach Redlake by either following the tramway or going past Avon Dam and across Huntingdon Clapper Bridge. From Redlake you will see a grassy path heading in the right direction for Green Hill. The views from the top are reasonable, with Ryders Hill and Snowdon in view to the east and Redlake to the south. One of the main reasons for coming to the summit is this is the end of the longest stone row in the world. The cairn on Green Hill is the end of Staldon Stone Row, which stretches southwards towards Stall Moor. There are no military firing areas near here.

Height – 474 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX635678            Mark out of 10 – 6.5



Looking south from Green Hill with Redlake just visible


The cairn at the end of Staldon Stone Row with Ryders Hill in the distance


Looking northwest to the mast at Princetown from Green Hill, in the foreground is the typical terrain in this area