Redlake is probably one of the most isolated spots in South Dartmoor. In the early 1900s it was the site of a China Clay works, with a tramway that ran all the way back to Bittaford taking supplies and workers to and fro. The large spoil heap, as a result of the works, is the focal point for the large depression that holds the source of the River Avon and is hemmed in by Green Hill. The large pools at Redlake are flooded clay pits and not the reason the area is called such. In good weather the views across the Eastern Whitebarrow are excellent, in fact from the top of the spoil heap a fantastic 360 vista can be had. Personally the best way to get here is to follow the Zeal tramway heading over Western White Barrow starting from Shipley Bridge, however you can start from the same point and walk to the Avon Dam and onto Huntingdon clapper bridge before joining the tramway.


Redlake 25

Redlake spoil heap clearly visible in the centre

Redlake 15

View from the top of the spoil heap


Looking from Redlake along the obvious path to Ryders Hill


Huntingdon Warren from Redlake with a small part of Avon Reservoir on the right centre photo

Redlake 14

Eastern Whitebarrow from Redlake


Redlake from Nakers Hill, love the hazy layering on this one

Redlake 13

Zeal tramway on the left as I approach Redlake

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