Leusdon Tor

This is a large outcrop sitting in Lizwell Woods in behind Leusdon Church (north of the church). This tor page includes that of Little Leusdon Tor also as they are both pretty close together and I’m not having separate entries for them. The outcrops are covered in woodland so there are no views from them, except for a slight glimpse of Leusdon itself from the top of the tor near the edge of the woodland. The easiest way to get here is first to get to Blackadon Tor. Then handrail the wall on the left heading towards Logwell Rock, pass that keeping to the wall, heading west and after 100 metres you will find the outcrops of this tor. The outcrops curl around the corner with the wall heading in the direction of the church. No military firing ranges near here.

Height – 275metres OS Grid reference – SX709733 Mark out of 10 – 4

The first part of the tor you reach when coming from Logwell Rock, is this U shaped rocky outcrop
Higher up outcrops of Leusdon Tor, the edge of the woodland is behind up there
The wall as it reaches Leusdon Tor
Leusdon Tor
Little Leusdon Tor is found just down from Leusdon Tor and is easily identified by this sloping rock with a mossy top haircut
Little Leusdon Tor