Lower Hartor Tor

Like its higher neighbour, this is a daft name for a tor! It sits though in a lovely spot, just up the hill from Plym Steps and the infant River Plym. The summit stack is far more impressive than its higher cousin also. The views along the Plym are excellent in both directions, with the source of the Plym in view. However any views to the west are blocked by Higher Hartor. Also nearby is the bronze age ruin of Drizzlecombe and Eylesbarrow tin mine. The walk to here is probably easiest from Gutter Tor, heading up via Drizzlecombe to this tor. There are no military firing ranges near this tor.

Height – 391 metres            OS Grid Reference – SX603675            Mark out of 10 – 6


Calverslake Tor 2

Lower Hartor with Higher Hartor up to the right from Calverslake Tor

Lower Hartor Tor 3

Looking down to Lower Hartor Tor from the higher one

Lower Hartor Tor 2

And in reverse, Higher Hartor Tor on the left with Eylesbarrow appearing in shadow on the right

Lower Hartor Tor 1

The Plym vallay from Lower Hartor Tor