Lower Nap Tor

This one is a nice tor/assembly of rocks beside the road between the hamlet of Southcott and Hound Tor. The outcrop itself is mainly in a private field, or more precisely in trees on a slope at the edge of the field. It is however within spitting distance of the road and a few of the boulders butt up to it. The outcrop feels like it continues down the hill towards Long Heales Tor, in fact there are a group of rocks in the field that holds Long Heales Tor, which are about 200 metres or more away, higher up the hill. They could be linked to this one as a lower outcrop. So Lower, Lower Nap Tor!

Height – 285 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX751798          Mark out of 10 – 4.5

Lower Nap Tor, more outcrops around to my left here as well

Long Heales Tor is away down there. These are the higher rocks which kind of run in a line down the hill from Lower Nap Tor