Middle Tor

Middle Tor is another of those tors over-shadowed by its surroundings and neighbouring tors. Kes Tor and Scorhill Stone Circle are nearby with plenty of stone rows and cairns to attract the eye away. It is however only a short stroll from Kes Tor and worth the visit to get away from the crowds. Like Kes Tor, Batworthy is the best place to park for this tor, although you can also start from Fernworthy Reservoir. This tor is not in a firing range.

Height – 410 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX669857           Mark out of 10 – 6


Middle Tor 1

Looking up to Kes Tor from Middle Tor

Middle Tor 3

Fernworthy Forest with Thornworthy Tor to the right of shot, from Middle Tor

Middle Tor 4

Hameldown from Middle Tor

Middle Tor 5

The green fields of East Devon from Middle Tor

Middle Tor 2

Gidleigh Common is in that direction, honest!!

Kes Tor 4

Middle Tor from Kes Tor