Cullever Steps

This is a paved (stones) section of a path which crosses the East Okement River and the Black-a-ven Brook as a ford. More recently the track has been diverted slightly and concrete bridges created to cross the rivers, however the original paved track looks great when the water is low, there are also stepping stones (Cullever Steps) over the East Okement part. The track was allegedly used to carry horse drawn gun carriages across the ford. Downstream from here is a popular wild swimming spot, Cullever Steps Pool

The paved path across the East Okement, the stepping stones are just to the right of the ford
I’m on the concrete bridge here looking at the stepping stones across the East Okement
The ford over the Black-a-ven Brook which leads onto the paved stoney section to the stepping stones, the newer path on the left
Looking down to Cullever Steps