Sonny Copse Tor

This tor is pretty big, tumbling again, like many in Shaptor Woods down the hill. The main path below this tor gives only glimpses to its extent as it stretches for over 100 metres downhill in a south westerly direction. If you contour across from the top of Lower Shaptor you will reach pretty much hit the top of Sonny Copse, head down from here to see the real extent of this woodland tor. Again this one is in Shaptor Woods and care must be taken around these slopes and ensure you don’t get disorientated. The path below is a good guide to have here, for those with a gps and OS maps its above the 1 (of 81) in the grid ref below. The boulders here are huge and again worthy of a far more prominent position on the moor proper. There are no firing ranges near here.

Height – 205 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX810806         Mark out of 10 – 7

Sonny Copse Tor higher outcrop

Larger outcrops below


Linda by Sonny Copse Tor


Big outcrops

Lots of them

Hennock 34

Sonny Copse Tor from the main path below which runs from Shaptor Rock in the direction of John Canns Lane and Pixey Copse Tor