Wooder Goyle Rocks

A strange name for a great set of rocks sitting on the side of Hameldown, overlooking Widecombe in the Moor and Chinkwell Tor. These rocks sit near the top of a small ravine as it tumbles down the hillside towards Wooder Manor. There is a small outcrop of rocks above, but the main, larger rocks sit beside the trees on the southern side of the ravine. The views are great from here, across to Chinkwell Tor, with Haytor also peeking up. Its a tricky outcrop to get to, however coming from Widecombe is the best approach, head along the road out of Widecombe towards Wooder Manor and turn second left up the hill. This will bring you out just south of the rocks it is then just a short stroll between the gorse and heather to the spot. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 360metres             OS Grid Reference – SX715778           Mark out of 10 – 7

The higher outcrop of Wooder Goyle Rocks. These are about 30 metres uphill from the main event.

However the main rocks are on the side of this ravine. Chinkwell Tor is opposite

Haytor makes an appearance from Wooder Goyle Rocks

Looking back across the ravine to the rocks