Teignhead Farm

Teignhead Farm originated from the late 1700s when it was built, it was certainly still in use in the late 1890s. It is now a ruin which sits not far from the edge of Fernworthy Forest just across the pretty Teignhead clapper bridge, Sittaford Tor and Grey Wethers are close by also. There is still part of the house standing and the fireplace can clearly be seen. The field walls surrounding the farm are still in place along with a number of gateposts.and the whole farm sits in a number of trees. Its a lovely spot which sees a number of wildcampers visit regularly.



Teignhead Farm 1

Looking to Teignhead Farm from the edge of Fernworthy Forest

Teignhead Farm 2

Teignhead Farm

Teignhead Farm 3

The fireplace

Teignhead Farm 4

Farm building

Teignhead Farm 5

Sittaford Tor behind Teignhead Farm