Dunnabridge Pound

Despite it sitting beside the B3357 Dartmeet road this is another of those ancient Bronze age structures. Its has certainly been used in more recent times as a cattle/sheep enclosure. Although back in the bronze age times up to 17 people lived here in a number of huts, one of which can just be made out in the centre of the walled ring. Just inside the entrance on the left is the Judges Chair, believe to have been brought here by the local Dunnabridge farmer. He maintained that a bench from Crockern Tor formed the seat and that the Crockern judges table formed the roof of the Judge’s Chair. What is for certain is that it was used as a shelter by those tending their animals within the Pound.


Dunnabridge Pound 1

The entrance to the Pound with the Judge’s chair to the right, Down Ridge in the distance

Dunnabridge Pound 2

The pointy Longaford Tor from Dunnabridge Pound

Dunnabridge Pound 3

The lower slopes of Ryders Hill again from within the Pound

Dunnabridge Pound 4

The Judge’s chair

Dunnabridge Pound 5

The Pound entrance

Dunnabridge Pound 6

The B3357 passes by Dunnabridge Pound, behind the trees