Erme Pound

This is a Bronze Age site of some 5000 years old which consisted of quite a large population of people, some history from the site has suggested the site is older than Bronze age by the discovery of a Palaeolithic hand axe found about a mile from the pound. This is such a large historic part of the moor with 4 stone rows, stone circles and cairns all around this area. As it’s name suggests this site sits on the banks of the River Erme about 3 miles north of Piles Copse. This Pound has a number of large walled circles and a number of leftover hut foundations, there is also a stone row at the southern end. This site sits over 400 metres above sea level and is probably reached easiest by dropping down from the Two Moors Way path above although the areas around it are covered with tufty horrid grass.

You can see the outline of the walls of Erme Pound on the banks across the river

Erme Pound

Erme Pound 16

Looking towards Stalldown Barrow from Erme Pound

Erme Pound 17

And looking the other way towards Stingers Hill, the Staldon Stone Row is on the other bank over the River Erme