Money Pit

Located on the lower slopes of Yar Tor on the way to the Cave Penney memorial is this kistvaen called the Money Pit. The burial chamber was ransacked by robbers searching for treasure, it used to sit at the end of a triple stone row, which has been damaged and is difficult to locate now. There is also a fine Dartmoor story which goes with this spot. A local jolly farmer dreamt of finding treasures in the tomb and raced the next day to the site. On moving the cap stone with a crowbar, the air rushed out and he peered in, digging at the peat, in which he believed there was treasure. He eventually found a flint heart (or was it a flint arrow head upside down), so he took it home, disappointed not to find real treasure. His mood changed overnight and he became grumpy and moody, the chamber had cursed him. He lost friends as his moods made him impossible to be around. His child found the flint heart and took it out to play with his friends, he left the heart where they played and returned home. The farmer changed back to his jolly self, now aware of the curse and what caused his moods to change.

Sharp Tor in the distance from the Money Pit
The Money Pit kistvaen