Leigh Tor and along the Dart to Aish Tor

A walk a couple of days after my evening walk up to the Trowlesworthy Tors. This was a simple walk on paper, however I knew the part from Double Dart Rocks up to Aish Tor would be steep, and probably covered in gorse. Gorse seems to cling happily to the side of the Dart valley along this section, at times forming an impenetrable barrier, however I was adamant that I wasn’t going to retrace steps back towards New Bridge to pick up the lane up to Aish Tor. Well I chose wisely on my route, and picked my way through the gorse, just about unscathed. The walk along the Dart is a lovely serene section if you time it right. Currently there are far fewer people around than there would be normally, and although Covid 19 seems to have slid down the news briefings faster than a Christmas number one in the January charts, people are still being tentative with their return to normal life. There are signs however that things are starting to turn.

Start – Spitchwick parking
Route – Leigh Tor – River Dart – Spitchwick Rocks – New Bridge – Double Dart Rocks – Aish Tor
Distance – 3.5 miles    Start time – 10.00am    Time taken – 2hr 15mins    Highest Point – Aish Tor 283metres
Weather – Sunshine and white clouds

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF

At the car park, looking in the direction of Leigh Tor, which is in the trees to the left about 100 metres from where I am stood

To the south, in the dip down there is the River Dart. I will be down there shortly

I felt like the pied piper, as these sheep were following me along the path to Leigh Tor

Leigh Tor

The outcrops on this one kind of handrail the path as it heads down into the trees

Buckland Beacon from Leigh Tor

Down at the Dart and walking towards New Bridge

Leigh Tor above poking through the trees

These guys were getting stripped ready to get in the river. About 5 minutes after taking this photo, I could hear the yelps as they got in. Spitchwick Rocks on the opposite bank beyond the people

New Bridge and the River Dart

New Bridge and the Covid sign

The path along the western bank of the River Dart

The island in the middle of the River Dart, there was a bridge to this spot but it was washed away over the winters flood.

It was lovely walking through here

Double Dart Rocks. These were on my list but they aren’t really worthy, so they’ve been replaced

Having seen a disappointing outcrop I decided to do something foolish. I took a straight line towards Aish Tor. Firstly its excessively steep, up through trees, as the trees finish you get a bit of bracken and then a block of gorse. This gorse can be impenetrable but I was going for it anyway. As I headed up I crossed paths that headed across the woods and then down towards Sharrah pool

As I reached the gorse the views along the Dart Valley were fantastic

I found a bit of a sheep track, the gorse was knee deep but just about passable. And I was committed at this point. Sharp Tor looking all pointy ahead and Sharrah pool can be seen down there, with Bench Tor up to the left

Looking out the other way to the south

Aish Tor summit cairn and views towards Rippon Tor

Sharp Tor again in the distance

The actual tor rocks on Aish Tor are east of the cairn as you start down the hill

And a final photo looking to the south, a fine walk however I’m not sure I would head direct to Aish Tor again. But then again I probably don’t need to go to Double Dart Rocks again!!

7 thoughts on “Leigh Tor and along the Dart to Aish Tor

  1. An area I used to know very well and I spent near a year living wild in Town Wood at Spitchwick and recently used the area in my last novel. Great to see the pictures and so pleased that you are able to go farther afield.

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  2. Fab photo of the Dart Valley. Happy childhood memories for me. We used to holiday at Westward Ho on the north coast and a day trip to Dartmoor and splash in the river here was always a must.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Stunning views. You certainly have some very varied options for walks in your neck of the woods. The views of the valley are very impressive. The idea of regretting going ‘off piste’ resonates with me – I’ve done that far too many times. It’s okay in the hills, usually, where there’s no thorny vegetation to make you pay!

    Liked by 1 person

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