Mount Misery Cross

This cross stands in a fantastic location, high above Foxtor Mires and above the now deserted remains of Foxtor farm it casts a lonely vigil of tough ground all around. The farm below didn’t last long and the cross stands at the gatepost into one of the walled sections of the farm. The cross was originally part of the old Monks path from Tavistock to Buckfast and helps the monks pass by Foxtor Mires without coming a cropper!! Sitting on the side of Ter Hill the views from here are fabulous however the ground is tough which is believed to give the name to this cross. Two further crosses sit up the hill from this one, the Terril Posts.


Mount Misery Cross 1

Mount Misery Cross and the Princetown mast behind

Mount Misery Cross 2

The gateposts and Mount Misery Cross, Fox Tor lies to the left of the cross