Terrill Posts

These aren’t posts, but crosses sitting on the side of Ter Hill on the old Monks Path between Tavistock and Buckfast. They sit around 100 yards apart and one can just be seen from the other. They offer a great view into the centre of Dartmoor, to the Beardown Tors and round to Fernworthy. One cross, the westerly one, is a replica of the original which sits in Princetown in the Moorland visitor centre. These crosses sit a little further up the hill from Mount Misery Cross.


Terrill Posts 1

The westerly Terrill Post, the easterly one can just be seen in the distance

Terrill Posts 2

The westerly post and northern Dartmoor behind

Terrill Posts 3

Princetown mast and the western Terrill Post

Terrill Posts 4

The easterly post and Princetown behind

Terrill Posts 5

Haytor and Hameldown to the right of the easterly Terrill Post