Shaden Moor Cross

Probably one of the most well known crosses on Dartmoor, or at least its location is, if not its name. This cross sits beside the road leading from Beatland Corner to the ever popular Cadover Bridge. Shaugh Prior village is nearby and the view back to Plymouth Sound is one of the best that there is. Hence most people who have driven this way will at least know of this cross. The cross has been fixed over the years and previously would have stood at around 7 feet tall. The new base is believed to have been taken from another broken cross and hence shortening its height. Its a great introduction to Dartmoor beyond, with North Hessary Tor and Sheeps Tor in view from here, as well as a reminder of what’s behind with those views back to Plymouth.


Shaden Moor Cross 1

Shaden Moor Cross

Shaden Moor Cross 2

Great views to Plymouth Sound

Shaden Moor Cross 3

Shaden Moor Cross with Sheeps Tor and the mast at Princetown behind