The Longstone

The Longstone is a tall menhir which sits on Shovel Down just north of Fernworthy Reservoir. The stone stands just over 3 metres in height which makes it the 4th tallest on the moor. It sits at the northern end of a 150 metre stone row and is part of the large Shovel Down settlement which is part of a Bronze Age settlement of some 3500 years ago. The stone itself is easily seen from nearby Thornworthy Tor although it is far easier to get to it from Kes Tor as there are a series of bogs when trying to get there from the Thornworthy side.


Longstone 1

The Longstone with Kes Tor to the left and Middle Tor to the right

Thornworthy Tor 5

Thornworthy Tor behind The Longstone

Longstone 2

Easdon Tor in the distance from The Longstone