Zeal Tramway

This is an old tramway built for two gentlemen of Totnes. It was built in 1847 for carrying peat from Redlake Mire to Shipley Bridge and the naphtha works there. The tramway was made of wooden rails bolted to granite blocks, along which the peat was transported in horse-drawn carts. The business only lasted for a few years and ended in 1850. This has now become a good path to take you from Shipley Bridge out to Redlake, avoiding the popular Avon Dam path.

Looking back in the direction of Shipley Bridge and the water works near the start of the Zeal Tramway
Looking the other way towards Broad Rushes
3/4 mile stone, originally there would have been stones every quarter mile
Looking over Broad Rushes towards South Hams
The junction, the Zeal tramway path off to the left and the path to Knatta barrow right
The last section down to Crossroads and Redlake in the distance